The complexity of a municipal wastewater plant consolidated to one skid complete with a chemical cleaning system, to-the-minute data analysis, equipment redundancy & easy replacement, remote access for programming & systems checks and much, much more.

MBR Packaged Plant

We’ve teamed up with Orenco Fiberglass Composites to create the most durable, adaptive, stylish plant packaging options on the market. The robust FRP enclosures are custom designed for each plant, can be installed below grade, are weather resistant and climate controlled for ultimate protection through all seasons.

Clarifier CleanSweep®

Finally, a low-cost, high-value algae prevention system that lasts. Custom designed for each clarifier, the Clarifier CleanSweep® is guaranteed to improve clarifier hydraulics and reduce algae growth.


Versatility comes standard with every mixMast. These robust columnar stands won’t bend or twist from high mixer loads or oversize mixers. Fabricated of your choice grade steel, the mixMast comes with optional coating features and three sizes suitable for a variety of tank heights.

preScreen™ RDS

The preScreen™ RDS is a completely self-contained, self-supporting rotary drum screen. It’s unique drum allows for easy perforated sheet replacement for various influent types and biological necessities. The RDS can be outfitted with controls and is explosion proof.