preScreen™ Functional Description

ITP has innovated screening solutions for small to medium flow head-works. The preScreen™ RDS (rotary drum screen) is built into a 316 SS (stainless steel) box with an integral tank volume of over 500 gallons. This rotary drum screen is unlike any other insofar-as it doesn’t require trunions, wheels or guide rails.

Dryer Solids, Dependable Operation

The preScreen™ RDS doesn’t require extensive maintenance. A built in spray bar is equipped with flat angled nozzles to keep solids from building up. The spray bar is attached as to be easily removed from the front of the preScreen™ for routine maintenance. The preScreen™ RDS comes with an optional ScrewPress™ that mounts directly to the front of the RDS for additional solids drying and compaction.

preScreen™ Options