Nitrogen and Phosphorous Reduction

miniMBR® was developed to meet strict nitrogen and phosphorous discharge limits. Developed by engineers with a rich history of targeting nutrients and separating the good from the bad in the Chesapeake Bay.

Decentralized Development

miniMBR® specifically targets accentuated loadings and high diurnal flow variations. Our remote control miniSCADA™ system and thoughtful mechanical design features greatly benefit part-time operators of remote projects.

Water Recycling/Reuse

miniMBR® aquaMINE™ was developed to meet today’s strict water reuse limits. On-line water quality monitoring and integrated membrane integrity testing assure the highest quality water.

Marine Sanitation

miniMBR® MARINE is US Coast Guard approved to meet today’s strict water discharge limits for large ships. Ultra-fine screening and frequent automated membrane cleaning minimize hands-on service.

Our Innovative Treatment Products



An advanced, fully integrated, easily serviceable wastewater system for decentralized small flow customers. Innovated at inception with the owner/operator in mind, it’s an efficiency breakthrough in small MBR design for nutrient removal and water reuse.


A family of wastewater fine screening technologies precisely developed for removal of trash, fibers, plastic particles, and other solids in raw sewage. It protects membranes and other process equipment in our miniMBR® treatment and reuse systems.

Clarifier CleanSweep®

This patented system eliminates the extensive manpower required to manually clean clarifier equipment. Powered by the clarifiers own skimmer arm, our sweeping non-motorized composite scrapers, chains and other elements masterfully eliminate algae and debris from attaching and accumulating on the baffles, weirs, and effluent trough assemblies of circular secondary clarifiers.

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