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miniMBR® Marine

miniMBR® Marine is US Coast Guard Approved for shipboard applications. It features our preScreenTM self-cleaning fine screening system, in-situ auto-membrane cleaning process, and auto-controls with shipboard monitering/alarming. For ease of membrane accessibility, the system is specially designed for installation with minimal overhead clearance.

Integrated skid system includes all equipment to support operation of the immersed flexible sheet membrane cassettes. These include duplex air scour blowers, air vac system, permeate/backwash pump, MLSS circulation pump, membrane cleaning chemical feed systems on-line analytical instrumentation for miniSCADA™ remote monitoring and automated control.

Let Better Flow:

  • Small footprint for easy installation aboard the ship.
  • Full automation for low attention by ship’s engineers.
  • Service, operations and maintenance contracts available.

Membrane Tech Specs

  • Submerged Flexible Sheet Ultra-Filter Membrane, 0.04µ PVDF
  • Surface Area Per Membrane Module: 500 ft2
  • Cassette Sizes Available (ADF):
Modules x Stacks Surface Area / gpd
3 x 1 1,500 ft2 / up to 10,000
4 x 1 2,000 ft2 / up to 13,500
3 x 2 3,000 ft2 / up to 20,000
4 x 2 4,000 ft2 / up to 27,000

*Larger custom systems available


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