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The Innovatreat miniMBR® is an extremely efficient pre-engineered system excelling in decentralized nutrient removal and water reuse applications.

The miniMBR® utilizes externally mounted, vertically-oriented tubular ultra-filter membranes for biomass separation. Its one-of-a-kind, hydraulic pattern contributes to the highest energy efficiency of any MBR available on the market today.

Operating with industry-low airScrub™ (air scour) rates, we achieve the highest levels of nitrogen removal, necessitating the least amount of supplemental carbon. Besting increasingly strict limits.

The patented miniMBR® design provides remarkably efficient process turn-down (a challenge for competitors’ immersed MBR products). Utilizing automated backwash and a unique Membrane Laundry™ cleaning process, our patented system ensures maximum permeability, extended membrane life and ultra-quality treated effluent with minimal operator intervention.

The compact and highly integrated miniMBR® skid offers operational and maintenance ease unrivaled by typical membrane process equipment. For the average operator, any serviceable component in the miniMBR® (pumps, valves, blowers, instruments and even our membranes) can be replaced using common mechanic’s tools — an adjustable wrench, flat-blade screwdriver, etc.
How easy is that?

What exactly makes miniMBR® more effective?

  • Easy maintenance with less downtime
  • airScrub™ = Energy efficiency reducing overall operating costs
  • Unique, customized modular design
  • Fully integrated skids
  • Robust, back-washable, externally mounted membranes
  • Automated in-situ Membrane Laundry™ cleaning systems
  • No cranes or other “lift-out” mechanisms needed
  • No “soak-tank” required
  • Fully automated miniSCADA™ controls with remote monitoring/control capabilities

Membrane Tech Specs

  • Tubular Ultra-Filter Membrane Modules,
    0.03µ PVDF
  • Process Designs include 10x turn-down
  • Skid Sizes Available (ADF) (per membrane process train):
Number of Modules Gallons Per Day airScrub™ SCFM
1 1,500 – 15,000 1.5 – 2.0
2 3,000 – 30,000 3.0 – 4.0
3 4,500 – 45,000 4.5 – 6.0
4 6,000 – 60,000 6.0 – 8.0

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