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Innovatreat’s mission is to deliver the absolute best small-flow water treatment technologies on, and for, the planet. We demand this of ourselves, and for our clients. Daily.

We develop and manufacture innovative and stunningly efficient wastewater treatment technologies.

Innovatreat’s guiding design philosophy focuses on scalable technology applications delivering the highest possible effluent quality. We home in on energy efficiency and operational automation through the lens of easy customer maintenance.

How did we get here?

Innovative Treatment Products (ITP), now Innovatreat, was founded by Robert Kershner in 2011 following development of the patented Clarifier CleanSweep® algae removal and prevention system.

Capitalizing on the success of Clarifier CleanSweep®, Mr. Kershner identified an industry moving away from centralized municipal wastewater plant projects. He zeroed-in on a clear path towards decentralization for land development and the expanded need for nutrient removal and water recycling and reuse in small-flow applications. These unique requirements of small-flow treatment gave birth to miniMBR®, a quantum-leap Membrane Bio-Reactor wastewater treatment and water recycling process. It solves many of the small-flow, decentralized plant issues experienced with today’s conventional technologies

Innovatreat’s leading-edge innovations are the most advanced, fully integrated, and easily serviceable systems for decentralized wastewater plant customers on the market today.

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