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miniMBR® FP utilizes unique submerged corrugated flexible sheet PDVF UF membranes in a distinctive “packaged” immersed configuration. Designed for flows between 75,000 and approximately 500,000 gpd. In-situ Membrane Laundry™ and single-pass flow pattern maximize membrane performance. While minimizing volume for less cleaning-chemical usage. Fast-Fill, quick-maintenance clean means higher performance from the membranes.

Integrated skid system includes all equipment to support operation of the immersed membrane cassettes. These include duplex air scour blowers, air vac system, permeate/backwash pump, MLSS circulation pump, Membrane Laundry™ chemical feed systems, and miniSCADA™ controls. Membrane cassettes are housed in a foam-core, corrosion-proof FRP structure with easily removable covers and integral permeate storage for backwash and fast-fill features.

Let Better Flow:

  • Small footprint systems for easy installation in new building construction or retrofit of existing biological systems.
  • Packaged fully enclosed systems available for plug-&-play installation for all weather conditions.
  • Service, operations and maintenance contracts available.

Membrane Tech Specs

  • Submerged Flexible Sheet Ultra-Filter Membrane, 0.04µ PVDF
  • Surface Area Per Membrane Module: 500 ft2
  • Cassette Sizes Available (ADF) (per membrane process train):
Modules x Stacks Surface Area / gpd
10 x 2 10,000 ft2 / up to 75,000
10 x 3 15,000 ft2 / up to 112,500
16 x 2 16,000 ft2 / up to 120,000
16 x 3 24,000 ft2 / up to 180,000

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