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miniMBR® aquaMINE™ is SFPUC Approved for Water Reuse. Meeting and beating the strictest reuse standards (even California’s). Includes integrated inventory controls to maximize rainwater blended reuse where applicable.With automated membrane integrity testing and chlorine residual monitoring/control. Not to mention Standard Turbidity and UV Transmittance monitoring. Better monitoring, better control.

Lowest energy consuming MBR on the market fits with the sustainability expectations of progressive builders and developers. Robust industrial-duty membranes for long service life as compared to conventional immersed membrane technologies.

Let Better Flow:

  • Small footprint systems for easy installation in new building construction
  • Package systems available for plug-&-play installation in all weather conditions
  • Service, operations and maintenance contracts available
  • Purchase financing options available for qualified developers

Reuse System Tech Specs

  • UF membrane (0.03µ) with 6-Log bacterial barrier
  • UV disinfection system
  • On-line turbidity and UV transmittance monitoring
  • On-line residual chlorine monitoring and feed control
  • Automated membrane integrity testing
  • Automated Membrane Laundry™
  • miniSCADA™ automated remote monitoring and control
  • Reuse water inventory control
  • Optional rainwater blending control

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