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Package Plant

miniMBR® Package Plant is a plug-&-play modular system with our standard miniMBR® skid at the center, with an all-composite tank and equipment enclosure. Using foam-core vacuum infusion FRP construction (like yachts are built).

Customizable, modular package plants treat wastewater flows from 5,000 to 120,000 gallons/day (gpd). Prized results at any size.

Perhaps best of all, automated controls and remote communications combine to make the miniMBR® package plant quick to install while delivering reuse-quality permeate (effluent) at a low overall cost of installation.

How do you best the best?

  • FRP construction is corrosion proof and requires minimal maintenance compared to painted carbon steel
  • Foam core tank and equipment enclosure is insulated (minimum R24) for use in severe climates (hot and cold)
  • Our standard FRP structure can withstand 160 mph wind loads. Options available for up to 200 mph if even more severe protection is required
  • FRP enclosure comes in many colors and finish choices

Enclosure Tech Specs

  • Single-piece, closed-molded vacuum infusion fiberglass construction
  • Integral foam-core insulation in floor, walls, and roof
  • Steel and aluminum (no wood) embedded in the structure
  • Interior and optional exterior LED lighting
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as required
  • Standard dimensions available;
    • Length: 20-50 ft
    • Width: 8-12 ft
    • Height: 8-12 ft
    • R-12 to R-24 insualtion value
    • 100 lb/ft2 roof rating, live load (or higher if required)
    • 160 mph wind-rating (or higher if required)
  • Corrosion and Maintenance-free
  • Light and transportable with integral lifting brackets

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