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In the spring of 2020, construction began on a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility at the Howard County Western Regional Park in Woodbine, Maryland. Influent would be received from comfort stations and collection systems from the Gary J. Arthur Community Center, the Glenwood Public Library and the Glenwood Fire Department. Innovatreat’s role was to deliver major components to a facility that would collect, screen, treat and discharge up to 7,300 gallons/day to enhanced nutrient removal standards with additional disinfection and reuse.

Client Western Regional Park

Date 2020


The Innovatreat miniMBR® skid was delivered pre-wired, pre-piped and pre-tested for final connection to the FRP bio-reactors, below grade EQ, sludge holding and screening tanks. An 8,000-gallon EQ tank with mechanical mixers and submersible grinder pumps collects pressurized raw influent and transfers to the 1,000-gallon wet well for screening and subsequent treatment.

The miniMBR® Skid utilizes an on-board suction-lift diaphragm pump to bring coarsely screened influent into the system through a 1mm pressurized fine screen. The biological reactors hold up to 2,050-gallons each, are connected at the base to allow for processing turndown, include fine/coarse bubble diffused air and are recirculated on the nitrate recycle pump circuit.

The miniMBR® skid includes automatic wasting and membrane cleaning functions along with automated chemical feed for pH and biological control, aerators and backwash system with remote access for control and alarms review. Innovatreat supplied a complete Water Reuse skid which provides metered distribution of permeate, permeate collection, disinfection and discharge for irrigation at the park.


Through the first months of operation, the system is performing well ahead of its design parameters, with both influent and effluent concentrations tracking more at more than 80 percent higher efficiency than its design across the board.

The tables detail the design parameters with actual system results.