A New Approach to Water/Wastewater Treatment Design


ITP, LLC’s miniMBR™ is a modular membrane bio-reactor (MBR) designed specifically to reduce maintenance, operational labor, chemical dependency and energy consumption. The miniMBR™ system can treat from 10,000 GPD with our single skid design up to 40,000 GPD with our quad-skid design at normal biological loads.

Advanced Controls

The miniMBR™ is designed to process water at the steadiest state possible for the highest quality effluent.

Small Footprint

Our process skid is a mere 10′ x 3′, is less than 13′ tall, doesn’t require chemical storage and can utilize existing tanks.

Packaged Plants

These FRP tanks are weather resistant, insulated for climate control and can be installed at or below grade.

Energy Savings

The miniMBR™ runs on single phase, 220 V AC power requiring ~5kwh at peak processing flow. Solar & reuse ready.

Robust Screening

Our preScreen™ is a perfect suit for the head-works on any MBR. With multiple screen sizes available, this screen does it all.

High Quality Effluent

We meet or beat all federal and state standards for surface water and drain/drip field discharging limits.

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